Lisa R. Hazard

I'm a writer living in North Alabama with my beloved husband and several cats. Oh yeah, there's some kids running around. I deny claim to any of them. But I love them. I write mainly in urban fantasy, fantasy and science fiction, but often branch out into general fiction oddities and short paranormal or fantasy romance. I used to write under my maiden name, Lisa Rusczyk, but my married name is so much more awesome, so I'm publishing new works under the name Lisa R. Hazard. Mostly I spend my time with family. We watch movies and play MMORPGs. There is often a cat problem to fix with so many adorables running around. I like to put cats in most of my books. We also have great parties on the weekends and I set natural gemstones into ring settings. I hope someday to be able to make the rings themselves. I played music since I was 17, and have discovered the beauty of recording on an iPad...So fun! Playing music is great, but my true love is writing.