Michael A Walton

Michael A. Walton, born 1953 in Bristol, U.K and brought up in Weston-Super-Mare. He has three daughters and eight grandchildren. Married to his wife for thirty four years.
Education: attended Waliscote Secondary School from 1965 to 1971; Weston Technical College 1972 to 1974; Cardiff College of Education Cyn Coed.
Sports: played Rugby for Weston Technical College where he was Captain; Rugby for Weston-Super Mare and Cardiff College; Basketball for Somerset and Volley ball for Welsh Colleges.
Leisure: enjoys theatre - favourite show Les Miserables. Has been writing for around 10 years and has currently written 11 novels. Michael has created a character called John Hanson, an ex-SAS hero who appears in specific books called the John Hanson series.
Life: favourite saying "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain."



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