Shanon Rodgers

Shannon Rogers began writing at the age of 9 with a cute little poem dedicated to her stepfather about bunny rabbits. While bunnies were a fun source of content, Shannon's poetry gradually evolved to teen angst brought about by unrequited love, broken friendships, and pretty much anything that evoked emotion, and it continued on, maturing into adulthood.

​Along the way, she added some short stories, several novel attempts, and even some published magazine articles. Finally, at 24, she finished her first novel, which will never see the light of day if she can help it, and went on to write several other romance novels. Shannon takes great pride in the fact that she can probably wallpaper a bathroom with the rejection letters received, some form letters, and some where the agent or editor worked with her on her manuscript but ultimately decided to pass.

After taking several years off from novel writing to concentrate on her career and kids, Shannon finally caught a lucky break, making friends with talented and prolific author, and friend, (C.G. Mosley), who had begun a sci-fi space opera trilogy whose first book, Star Cruiser Titan, does very well, but whose second was only a few chapters in. He came up with the brilliant notion that she plot and finish writing the rest of the story, and before she could blink, she was signing her first publishing contract for her co-authored book, scifi story titled Star Cruiser Titan 2: The Abandoned Secret. She's now riding the fun slide of early publishing, and is ecstatic that her first book hit the shelves! While Shannon will continue with her scifi with a hint of romance, she has future plans for both YA and fantasy stories as well.

​When not writing, Shannon is reading, dancing, singing loudly in her car, playing with her dogs, obsessively watching makeup tutorials, song reactions, and dance choreography videos on YouTube, and searching Spotify and Pandora for the next brilliant artist and songs which she will then run around and shove in her friends' faces, demanding they listen and love it.

Shannon lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and furbabies, while butting into the lives of her adult son and daughter who tolerate it with exasperated sighs but genuine love. Oh, and she gets to spoil two grandbabies. What more could you want?



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