A.S. Thompson

A.S. Thompson is a southern California native with a wild card personality! He has worked in a variety of fields, lived in different area codes and in recent years added to the literary world. His first book "The Longest Road" was an adaptation from a screen play written during college that has since seen two sequels. Arguably coming into his own in "The Change," Thompson's growing style has taken survival horror to new heights. "The Other Side," the daring finale of the series, expands on previous themes of unpredictability and uncertainty, culminating in a grand conclusion of epic fashion. While his debut novels are post-apocalyptic/zombie by nature, critics and fans have praised the series and described it as a complex, beautiful tragedy and a gripping story about family, endurance, love and loss. Fortunate to entertain the zombie-loving masses, Thompson does have plans to deviate from the genre with future projects in the action and sci-fi realms. His most recent endeavor was the publication of a short story entitled "Turbulence" in which all royalties from this love story are going to Charity:Water. When he is not sitting behind a computer, Thompson enjoys his favorite pastime: traveling. Whether visiting foreign countries, trying new foods or talking it up with locals, Thompson views touring the world as an unreal experience. In addition, he is a huge fan of movies and live music, and many times paparazzi have captured him frequenting new releases and local shows. In all aspects of his life, Thompson seeks originality; that new sound or idea that is going to set himself apart. The Longest Road and sequels were created out of his love for the horror genre. To him, there's nothing like the suspense and thrill of reading a horror novel or watching a scary movie...the heart pounding, the spine tingling, and that part in the back of your head that wonders what will happen next...



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