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In a village in Uganda, The Lord's Revolutionary Militia has raised an army of "dead ones", tens of thousands of voracious living corpses. With them, General Joseph Nwosu intends to take over all of Uganda. In San Francisco, Detective Elgin Washington finds the body of former MMA legend, Hollister McCoy, in a dumpster. His body is badly decayed and covered in an unidentified purple fungus. His neck is broken and there is a gunshot wound in his forehead. Both wounds were delivered postmortem and there is evidence that Hollister's brain was still active at the time, several days after the rest of his body had begun to decompose. Agent Emmanuel Stern was with the ranger squad in Uganda when they were overrun by hundreds of the living dead. He barely escaped with his life. Days later, while preparing to return to Uganda amid reports that a local warlord was using the fungus to create an undead army, Agent Stern receives word that a corpse has turned up in America, in a major city, covered in an unknown purple fungus. MMA fighter, Tyler Pope, is a rising star in a new underground fight promotion,"The Terror Combat League" , battling undead former martial-arts icons. One day he is offered the fight of a lifetime, one million dollars to fight Lester Broad, the former World Heavyweight Champion, a two-hundred-and-eighty-pound monster who knows no fear, feels no pain, and has only one drive... hunger! Now, he must try to defeat this massive living corpse and claim the prize money while avoiding the CIA and the San Francisco police who are intent on stopping the zombie-creating fungus from entering the general population.

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