Severed Press is open for submissions, and we want to hear from talented writers of horror and science fiction looking to have their work published. We give full consideration to any submission that offers a well-presented story while adhering to our guidelines.

What we want:

  • Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenarios (including TEOTWAWKI or SHTF): Stories that explore the end of the world or life after it: zombie outbreaks, alien invasions or whatever else may serve as a harbinger of the end times!  

  • Killer sea creatures or monstrous kaiju fiction: Creature features about monsters that come from the deep, or maybe even somewhere more terrifying.

  • Doomsday prep: These stories capture the grim realities of those struggling to stay alive at the end of all things. These may be more about the collapse of society than, say, the extinction of mankind.

  • Military horror/sci-fi: Like Predator or Aliens, a military unit faces off against an unknown threat from beyond the stars or from another dimension.

That’s what we want, but the presentation is up to you. Fiction can be serious, downbeat, comedic and satirical, or maybe just scary as hell. Be creative and mix it up! A good story that’s well told is what matters most to us.

What we don’t want?

  • Erotica and pornography: we don’t shy away from adult content, but it has to work within the context of the story.  

Unsolicited submissions from published and new authors alike will be considered for publication provided that the manuscript conforms to the relevant genre(s) listed above and aligns with our general standards for publication. All fiction submissions should offer a strong plot with stimulating and logically ordered content, and feature fully developed and realized characters. Above all else, it must be well written.

The procedure for submission is as follows:

Please indicate in the cover letter if this is a simultaneous submission, or exclusive to Severed Press. An example of a simultaneous submission would be a manuscript that you submitted to us, and other publishers or agents as well. We do not have a policy against simultaneous submissions, but as a courtesy, we do request that you notify us as soon as possible if your work has been accepted for publication or representation elsewhere. 

Severed Press only accepts a small number of submissions for publication.  We carefully consider each manuscript we receive, and if the title is of interest to us, an editor will contact you within 21 days. Once the title is approved for publication you will receive a legal contract from us that you will be able to review independently.

Due to the large number of submissions we only contact authors in the affirmative. If you have not been contacted within twenty one days please submit your manuscript to another publisher.


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