Jeff Brackett

Jeff Brackett is the author of "Half Past Midnight", "The Road to Rejas", and "Streets of Payne", as well as a variety of short stories and novellas published in magazines and anthologies. After having lived almost his entire life in and around Houston, 2014 presented several life changes that brought him, his wife, and two dogs (Bella and Cricket) to Claremore, Oklahoma. There, they found a nice little house with a much larger yard, and are all adjusting to the new lifestyle quite well. Jeff has even begun learning to garden. His writing has won Honorable Mention in the action / adventure category of the "Golden Triangle Unpublished Writer's Contest", first place in the novel category of the "Bay Area Writers League Manuscript Competition", and was a finalist in the science fiction / fantasy / horror category of the "Houston Writer's Conference" manuscript contest. His proudest achievement, though, is in having fooled his wife into marrying him more than thirty years ago, and helping her to raise three wonderful children. He is now a grandfather twice over. And his gardening? Well, let's just say he still has a bit to learn in that area.



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